Sunday, April 12, 2015

Blog review on my own blog.

Writing a blog review about your blog is a hard thing to do because visiting your blog every other day, its hard to refresh it. Its nothing like discovering a new blog, something your eyes have never laid on, something fresh that new information can come from. Information never heard or processed by your brain. Visiting something every other day makes the thing you love or are inspired by almost boring.

One topic, accidentally one paragraph written over and over, with different words to change the feeling of the blog. Writing about Chernobyl was and still is the best thing to write about for me, something with a lot of mystery behind it and not a lot of explanation. Something that helped mold how we thought and experiment with nuclear powers. There have been books, movies, and articles weather it be online of in a paper, that you could find almost everything about the whole topic in one sitting. I would say my blog is interesting, and informative. I have articles about where can you find radiation, and what radiation is the most harmful and what can sometimes block you from the radiation. I've written articles about places with radiation and even some articles about the history of the "duck and cover" method and how to protect yourself from an earthquake.

Reviewing my blog, I could change the focus way earlier than I did, I would have more informative posts about questions that my blog readers would like to ask, and I would defiantly write more short fictional stories.

What i enjoyed the most about this project is the fictional story that I could write. Writing a heart warming story about a man that had lived through the Chernobyl blast and is now looking back on his life remembering the blast and being happy with it cause he actually felt something.

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