Monday, January 26, 2015

Chernobyl photography

Passion and inspiration are the two things that drive a person to the point of excellence. Some people think it is easy to write about something your passionate about but really it's not, it's trying to convince someone to find something that you like interesting. Photography is one of the ways to get your reader interested, by allowing your reader's eyes to move from the bottom to the top giving them a clear photo to represent your topic. Photos are a great way to document disasters, weather it be a natural disaster or a man made one, Chernobyl was one of the man made disasters.

What happened there was a horrific event causing many people to evacuate their homes, however close to 40,000 men, woman, and children were predicted to have died due to radiation spewed from the reactor. Chernobyl would not have had the same reaction from the world if it weren't for the photos taken during the accident. Photos have documented the reactors, there are photos documenting the abandoned building, and even the mutations formed by people who had some exposure to the radiation. Even today when you Google the Chernobyl disasters you see what happened almost 28 years ago. 

One photo in particular had a lot of impact on how I looked at the Chernobyl disaster. This photo from the Denver Post shows children's toys and a gas mask abandoned after word spread about the soon to be nuclear disaster. One can only imagine the terror that teacher must have felt and the level of strength that that teacher had to show when evacuation the building with all of those preschoolers not old enough to know how this may affect them. Photos have a huge impact on the world and can affect how we see these disasters.  
This is from the Denver Post

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